Naylor Clay Now In Stock At Roudens

Rouden Pipetek are excited to be one of the biggest Naylor Clay stockists in the South of England. Clay pipes and fittings are suitable for use in many different environments and have a range of benefits.

You can purchase a wide variety of clay pipes and fittings directly from their 4 acre yard in Horsham, West Sussex or have your stock delivered when and where you need by our fleet of vans.

Benefits and features of using Naylor Clay:

  • Structural Performance – Densleeve pipes can usually be laid directly on a hand trimmed natural trench bottom with selected, excavated materials (Class D Bedding) used as backfill.
  • Clayware – Vitrified clay plain-end pipe and fittings, manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN295-1. The standard lengths of pipes are convenient for handling and laying, and allow for flexible joints at sufficiently frequent intervals to enable the pipeline to withstand settlement or other ground movement installation.
  • Bedding economy – Densleeve pipes can often be laid on the natural, trimmed trench bottom or where not possible on a 50mm bed of inexpensive granular material such as recycled aggregates. As dug material can be used for the backfill, all resulting in significant savings in granular bedding materials.
  • Strength – Vitrified clay pipes and fittings are rigid and do not distort under loading. Their high inherent strength ensures stability even at extreme depths of cover.
  • Durability – The Densleeve system is extremely durable. For design purposes, a vitrified clay pipeline can be considered to have unlimited life.
  • Easy cutting – Where shorter lengths of pipe are required, pipes may be easily cut on site.
  • Quick installation – Pipe jointing is a straightforward manual push fit operation. Testing and backfilling can start immediately.
  • Flexibility – The flexile joints ensure the pipeline will accommodate minor settlement and ground movement without failure.
  • Chemical and Temperature Resistance – The Densleeve system has good corrosion resistance and can accommodate controlled discharges of up to 60-70 degrees. For more extreme operational conditions, the Hathernware Thermachem range of chemical drainage is available.
  • Pipe Lengths and Delivery – Naylor Pipes are supplied in easy to handle lengths. They are delivered in convenient packs with optional mechanical offloading equipment on the delivery vehicle.
  • Sleeve Couplings – Manufactured in high impact polypropylene with elastometric seals providing watertight, flexible mechanical joint assemblies, complying with BS EN295-1 : System G.
  • Water Jetting – The Densleeve system, when installed correctly in accordance with the Naylor Sitework Instructions booklet is guaranteed for the lifetime of the system against penetration of the pipe wall caused by high pressure water jetting when operated within the following maximum parameters.

Please call or visit us to discuss your requirements: 01403 275276

Here is a short video of our yard manager unloading the first clay delivery from the lorry!

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