Sarah Chorlton Pops Up At Rouden

New recruit Sarah Chorlton is guaranteed to bring some artistic flair to Rouden Hydratek in her role in Group Sales and Marketing.

Sarah studied art at the Winchester School of Art, part of Southampton University and then began her own business making hand-made soft furnishings and accessories.

She has been featured in the Financial Times as one of the many people who used the concept of pop up shops, in her case around London.

Now regarding her business as a hobby, she still supplies several small shops with her personally designed items, which include turning coffee sacks into cushions and a popular repeat order of a cushion that says “King of the Castle”.

Her marketing skills developed while promoting her business are what impressed Paul Hand, the group operations manager, when they met at a Horsham skills course.

Her role at Rouden will include overseeing sales campaigns and being in control of marketing.

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