3 Common Reasons Why Hydraulic Hoses Fail

You’ll find hydraulic hoses on many more vehicles and machinery than you can fathom. Here at Hydratek, we’ve experienced all types of failures (even people cutting them!) We asked our engineers about the most common issues regarding hydraulic hose failure and this is what they said:

Incorrect operating pressure

When the maximum operating pressure of the hose does not meet the systems requirements, it results in failure. Every hose has an ideal working pressure (PSI) and if this is constantly exceeded, the hose life will be substantially shortened. Pressure surges can also cause hydraulic hoses to fail.

Temperature extremes

In very hot and cold environments, performance degrades and assemblies fail when the hose operates under excessively high or low operating temperatures. Harsh temperatures can degrade the rubber turning it hard and brittle.

Incorrect fittings

Incorrect fittings can cause significant issues, including reduced performance and efficiency due to leakage, as well as equipment downtime. Having the correct fittings and making sure they are crimped correctly can increase the lifespan of a hose significantly.

Hydraulic hose failures can be hard to avoid in certain situations, however it’s good to know the potential issues. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the selection process when making up a hose assembly as there are so many options. Wherever possible, have a professional replace your hydraulic hose as it can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly.

Here at Rouden Hydratek, our engineers and workshop technicians are very knowledgeable and can advise, make and fit hydraulic hoses correctly. If you experience a hose failure, please give us a call, we’re here to help!

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